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High density polyethylene  –  Simple and fast  –  Lightweight and robust security  –  Offers unlimited configurations and applications   –  Anti skid surface


pontoon cube

  • Dimensions ( H x L x W  ) 35.5 x 48 x 48 cm

  • 14“ x 19“ x 19“ Resistant to temperatures from

  • -85°C to +90°C High density polyethylene

  • Floating Capacity 150 lbs per cube

  • 660 lbs per m² Weight  12 lbs per cube

  • Anti skid surface

floating cubes


Each group of 4 cubes creates a very strong composition in the center of the assembly. Which allows the pin to go through and lock the cubes together. T Docks are as easy to put together as 1-2-3.  Put your dock together yourself or have it installed by one of our team members.


“T Dock” is committed developing High Density Polyethylene products of superior design, performance and value. We pride ourselves on developing an ongoing, lifelong relationship with you, our consumer and T-Dock association. Due to our extreme confidence in our products and our insatiable desire to deliver only the highest level of service.

Floating dock
“T Dock” is committed to delivering high quality products, and we stand behind this commitment with our 5 year Warranty. Made out of  high density polyethylene, our floating docks has been tested under high pressures and temperatures  to ensure reliability and environmental climatic hazards that may occur over time. 
drive on floating dock system. T-docks pontoons

Also Available 

Lower Cubes

lower cubes

Designed for watercraft like row boats and canoes. Over the years, the low dock have been used in several international competitive rowing events. Order your low dock today or just add the lower cubes to your original T Dock installation for an easier access side as demonstrated on the illustration figure. Perfect for an easier access to water in general, as well as for smaller children and schooling purposes.

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