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Sailing is a sport in which everyone finds something, regardless of age, gender and physical capacity. We offer balanced training programs based on leading institutions and the experience of our instructors. Whether your ultimate goal is to spend more time in the water, learn how to operate a sailing yacht, travel, race or discover new and interesting seaside activities, there is a suitable course for you - prepared and conducted by the necessary methodology by certified instructors who are committed to providing their experience and first-class training.

Sailing is a sport that advances through good guidance and practice. SailBoating Service Ltd offers a fun and progressive way of learning. Each course certifies your achievements, experience and self-confidence.

The training includes theoretical and practical activities:

Theoretical activities are usually a briefing lecture before and after the practical part.

Depending on the course, the practical part is conducted on different classes of yachts - dinghy or keelboats.

Dinghy boat training is a great way to start managing a sailing yacht yourself. The boats used for training are stable, easy to operate and yet enjoy the pleasure and adrenaline of sailing.

The keelboat sailing yachts are larger than the mooring boats and have a fixed ballast keel that prevents the yacht from overturning, making sailing drier.

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